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How To Get A Record Deal? Tips from MusicBizAgent’s Consulting Experts

If you're an aspiring recording artist or music producer, your target is more than likely to get a deal with a major record label one day. This means you are dealing with A&R and the managing producers, who require a certain strategy and are not easy to work with. A&R stands for artists and repertoire for those who don't know. An A&R is a talent scout, who also tracks the production of musicians, songwriters and/or music producers and serves as a link between the performer and the record label. They must discover new talents focusing mainly on artists who already have a growing fan base. A&R's will be playing music for hours and hours, watching videos, taking part in showcases and events to find a talent that fits the demand, and is in the fastest path to success. The A&R usually offers a deal and contacts you if you are interested. That does not mean, however, that you only need to sit down and pray for discovery. You may approach an A&R or record label with your demo CD, but you must do this properly.

1. First of all, you 're either meeting in person, or you just write an e-mail or a demonstration, always have a job, don't approach them as if you are speaking with your friend, use the right language, treat them as if you were doing a job interview. 2. Keep it interesting and short. You must understand that people in the music industry are constantly pressed on for time, and their attention is usually zero regardless of how good you are! Don't tell them the story of your career, short biographies, and music accomplishments will do. 3. Your demonstration or kit for the press. You may need to send an audio sample or a press kit, depending on the source. The most important thing for the audio demo is to submit the BEST TRACK! Don't literally insert two nice tracks/beats right after and then "album fillers." Treat it like a movie. The home demo is no longer reasonable on this day, you want professional recordings and mixes, and you're investing in a recording studio. Their focus is zero, try having a chorus or hook to start a track that will interest them.

One of the most important keys to successful customer trust and even better experience is clear communication with your clients.

4. Always look your best when you meet. You must remember that if you are signed, your picture is all. Let them see you in the best of your clothes, personally, or on photos of your press kit. Make them see the design, since fashion is also a part of the music. Don't dress in a sweatsuit for a meeting. 5. Always be ready for rejection. You have to be realistic about the limited chances of the contract; these people deal with hundreds of people and demands every day, but don't allow that to deter you. 6. Be a pain. If you don't consider the first spot, move on to the next. When you find that you are still unable to make them listen to your music, seek to add something else into your inventory. DON'T GIVE UP! The music industry is highly competitive, but long-term perseverance pays off. Music will never die, so new talent will always be in search for.

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